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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Thanks to Deputy Hutchinson for sharing this video with me. I know that I frequently encourage you to waste time watching screwball videos that I post on this little weblog. This video is the opposite of that. It is seriously worth carving out 20 minutes in your day to take this in. There is so much to chew on in here that I'm gonna watch it again over the weekend and take notes.

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Amy said...

Thanks for sharing!!! Here's the notes I took as I watched. I wasn't going to watch it all in one sitting but I had to finish as I really needed this today! Thanks!

she's "gonna outsmart vulnerability", or wants to, but isn't that what we all want!?
Definitely is worth watching! :-) People who live a life feeling worthy, not of shame, are "wholehearted people" - sense of courage(to be imperfect), compassion(to be kind to themselves and others), connectedness (willing to let go of themselves to be connected to others), fully embraced vulnerability - believes it makes them beautiful, they invest in relationships, stop controlling and predicting, and embrace vulnerability, she had a spiritual awakening, she says this about therapy: it's the birthplace of belonging and love, joy, no childhood/family stuff, 13:26 in is best line!!! I would so say this to a therapist!
we numb vulnerability. problem is we can't numb emotions. When we numb sadness, we numb joy as well. Why and how we numb.
We Make everything uncertain certain. Blame is a way to discharge pain.
We perfect.
We pretend....that what we do doesn't affect other people. Be authentic and real. Say you're sorry.
There's another way:
let ourselves be seen.
love with our whole hearts
practice gratitude and whole joy
believe I AM ENOUGH.