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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Christmas Show

If you're in the 'Nati, mark your calendars for Dec. 21, 22, 23 and start telling your friends, neighbors and co-workers to do the same. We're opening our doors so you can share a FREE experience with your friends that will start conversations about faith, hope and love in the new year. More info to follow in the next weeks about ticketing and promo info you can use to invite your guests. Stay tuned.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gut Feeling

I have this hopeful feeling. That's the only way I know how to dscribe it. It feels weird posting this, but a very real part me feels that in say five years or so people will know about filmmaking in Cincinnati. It'll pop up in conversations around the country. "I heard some church started making movies in Cincinnati and now it's like a thing there." Midwesterners who daydream of one day moving to LA or NYC to follow their passion will find it in their back yard. The Esquire will host premieres and the love affair for local talent starts beforehand when the indie band who wrote original music for the film plays a opening concert. People will say things, "I had no idea there was this much going on in Cincinnati." Doors will open for this local talent in the "big cities" around the US and the network will grow. Film schools around the area will promote their programs by boasting "industry experience" possibilities on the yearly Cincinnati films being produced. A film program at the Cincinnati School of Performing Arts will be created and kids will dream of breaking into the local industry. Proceeds will be used to help the community in tangible ways. There will be a buzz in the neighborhood coffee shops and bars- a sense of pride about the next project and about the city- a feeling of expectation. And for a little while people will say things like, "It's so weird that a church is doing this." But after awhile no one will think twice. It'll just be about the city and this "unexpected" thing that is happening. A few of us will know the backstory. And perhaps over some beers or coffee we'll marvel at what God did.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Lone Ranger Myth

There's a lie that lots of us have swallowed. I'm going to call it The Lone Ranger Myth. I'm sure this lie affects numerous aspects of our lives. I'm going to focus on how it screws with the creative process. Here's a typical scenario. Jimmy has an idea for a thingamajig. It's his idea so he goes it alone. He does a little research, finds materials, assembles them just so and shows thingamajig to his friends. The Backslappers say, "Cool, Jimmy." The Armlinkers agree but they also offer ideas on how to improve it. Jimmy only listens to the Backslappers. Nothing great ever happens with Jimmy's thingamajig. It sits on his shelf and all Jimmy has to show for his work are the echoes from the Backslappers.

The magic happens when Jimmy thanks the Backslappers and goes on an adventure with the Armlinkers. These are the folks Jimmy collaborates with to turn his thingamajig into something truly beautiful and useful. Collaboration with folks who are willing to link arms with you is the only path to greatness. The Lone Ranger Myth is the belief that your idea can only be yours if you and only you do all the work. That's moronic. Collaborate with the Armlinkers and you'll experience a sense of community, accomplishment and wonder at what you all created together.

A big thanks to all the Armlinkers in my life. I'm grateful and excited that lots of adventures are yet to come.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bearcat Fever

I wanted to catch some catch Bearcat fever last night. So a couple bros and I went to the Holy Grail on campus. I learned/noticed a few things in my few hours there.

Winning is fun. People like it.

College kids are silly. I felt very old last night when a group of co-eds were playing flip cup behind me. It's very odd to watch a game with an entire bar and have one table who is cheering about something else. Like when WVU scored, the flip cup squad was going nuts because the boys lost to the girls again. Annoying.

Curiosity almost killed the cat (me) last night. I saw this 6'5" guy in leather chaps in the bathroom. I was curious and inquired why he was sporting chaps. The Holy Grail isn't a biker bar. It's a college sports bar. He didn't appreciate this question. He said, "It's 40 degrees and I'm riding a motorcycle. You figure it out." Then he stared me down. I felt his laser glare burning the back of my head as I used the urinal. I escaped death. The old adage, "There are no dumb questions," doesn't apply in all situations.

There's nothing better than college football. Nothing.

Brian Kelly is going to break a lot of hearts. The murmur in the bar last night was, "He's gonna stay. He said he's gonna stay." The optimism in Cincinnati is cute. It's like when you go to the fair and you see all those cute little pigs. You know they're going to be dead and put on sandwiches soon. But you try and just enjoy their cuteness while they're still around.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I had heard of this group but never heard them. That changed Wednesday at a house concert hosted by Jason and Emily Boys. They are amazing. I hope to convince them to write music for my film. Check them out at ellerymusic.com

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Two emo bros eat muffins at a Barnes and Noble coffee shop. One is a musician who just had an epiphany.

Bro, I just had an epiphany.


Maybe a breakthrough.


A song about fireflies.

The bug?

Yeah. Remember those from when you were a kid?


Well last night I was thinking about 10 million fireflies.

That's a lot of flies.

They'd fill the open air.

I mean I guess.

And leave teardrops everywhere.

What the crap?

You'd think me rude. But I would just stand and stare

Bro....what are you talking about?

I'd get a thousand hugs. From ten thousand lightning bugs.

I want you to stop talking like a sixth grade girl.

As they tried to teach me how to dance.

That's your song?

Pretty much.

Are you hoping the Wiggles will buy it from you?

No, bro. It'll be huge on alternative stations everywhere.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Toronto: the jewel of the north

My beautiful wife planned our recent trip to Canada's largest city. Did you know Toronto became Canada's first city with pavement in 1983? Anyways, we took the train out of Windsor and were both shocked by how great train travel is. So, thinking about the rail projects on the horizon here in the midwest makes me very excited. The whole process is so easy. I hope terrorists and drug mules don't know about the complete lack of security involved with train travel. You really just show up, they scream "All aboard," and off you go. The seats recline, you have tons of room, and you get to see all the little towns along the way without having to slow down and worry about getting a speeding ticket.

I was blown away by the size of Toronto. It was really great to be in a city where I knew nothing. Figuring out a city is one of my favorite things. By the end of the week I was able to give directions to two different groups of tourists. This makes me happier than it should. We discovered some very cool restaurants. One was called The Queen and the Beaver Public House. We forgot to take our phones so we have no photos. Tragic error because this place was the absolute coolest. We took a few other photos though. Would you like to see them?

Toronto built this hoping to attract visitors from Seattle. I don't know why but Canadians have a real crush on our Pacific Northwest brothers/sisters.

I made Leah carry all the bags while I tried to get one of those flash mobs started in the train station. I found out the hard way that Canadians hate Footloose. No flash, no mob, just pale stares. All these years I thought they changed the name of ham to honor Kevin.

The best line of the trip was the very last day when the cab dropped us off at the train station. I gave the cabbie the rest of my cash and Leah goes, "Get rid of all that silly fake money."

I call this piece "Milk Math." I had no idea cream was 18%. And check out the French. Don't worry, I ordered Freedom Fries every chance I got.

How cute is she?

I was so busy navigating that I didn't notice this man sprinting past me, impersonating a train.

This is perhaps my new favorite shirt. Timmer "Douglas" Hoffmann just sent this to me in the mail from Chicago. It's the Great Lakes and here I am standing in front of Lake Huron. Full circle.

This pic would make wine-haters second guess their stance.

I ordered the lamb thinking I've had it before. I have not.

But it turns out I really like it.

Here's Leah doing the stanky leg.

Here's me being all awesome.

This was part of the mural at a restaurant called Fred's Not Here. I'm guessing "Fred" is Canadian for underwear.

Seeing this show was definitely one of the highlights. I know some people hate musicals. Those people are dumb. It was a real spectacle seeing how they did the stage changes. I got teary eyed a few times when the kids were singing with Maria. Not sure why. The whole night just really made me happy. A few days away with Leah were what I really needed.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Snuggie Groove

Thanks to Jane Mowery, Columbus' favorite Fremonster, for showing me this video.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Say What You Need to Say

Charlie Matthews, a friend and colleague died this past Saturday after weeks of fighting double pneumonia and its complications. My entire community is at a loss for words. I've been having very frank conversations with God and close friends. I uploaded this video with the thought that perhaps it can help you say what you need to say to God- whatever that may be.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Inuit Art

We went to the Musem of Inuit Art in Toronto. Truly amazing stuff. Leah and I decided that someday when we can afford the farmhouse (a dream we hatched over a cheese plate and British beer at The Queen and Beaver) we're going to have Inuit art sprinkled about our farmrooms. Maybe not this one of mean bear mauling helpless Inuit. But I will say that I appreciate the awareness and honesty this piece brings to onlookers. If you're goin' on a seal hunt keep one eye on the horizon. Lest you want a mongrol like this making himself at home in your liver.


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