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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bearcat Fever

I wanted to catch some catch Bearcat fever last night. So a couple bros and I went to the Holy Grail on campus. I learned/noticed a few things in my few hours there.

Winning is fun. People like it.

College kids are silly. I felt very old last night when a group of co-eds were playing flip cup behind me. It's very odd to watch a game with an entire bar and have one table who is cheering about something else. Like when WVU scored, the flip cup squad was going nuts because the boys lost to the girls again. Annoying.

Curiosity almost killed the cat (me) last night. I saw this 6'5" guy in leather chaps in the bathroom. I was curious and inquired why he was sporting chaps. The Holy Grail isn't a biker bar. It's a college sports bar. He didn't appreciate this question. He said, "It's 40 degrees and I'm riding a motorcycle. You figure it out." Then he stared me down. I felt his laser glare burning the back of my head as I used the urinal. I escaped death. The old adage, "There are no dumb questions," doesn't apply in all situations.

There's nothing better than college football. Nothing.

Brian Kelly is going to break a lot of hearts. The murmur in the bar last night was, "He's gonna stay. He said he's gonna stay." The optimism in Cincinnati is cute. It's like when you go to the fair and you see all those cute little pigs. You know they're going to be dead and put on sandwiches soon. But you try and just enjoy their cuteness while they're still around.

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tyler said...

did his name happen to be mr. buck l. russ?