"" bshawise: Fireflies

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Two emo bros eat muffins at a Barnes and Noble coffee shop. One is a musician who just had an epiphany.

Bro, I just had an epiphany.


Maybe a breakthrough.


A song about fireflies.

The bug?

Yeah. Remember those from when you were a kid?


Well last night I was thinking about 10 million fireflies.

That's a lot of flies.

They'd fill the open air.

I mean I guess.

And leave teardrops everywhere.

What the crap?

You'd think me rude. But I would just stand and stare

Bro....what are you talking about?

I'd get a thousand hugs. From ten thousand lightning bugs.

I want you to stop talking like a sixth grade girl.

As they tried to teach me how to dance.

That's your song?

Pretty much.

Are you hoping the Wiggles will buy it from you?

No, bro. It'll be huge on alternative stations everywhere.



Anonymous said...

Do you know what else would help a song about fireflies? Singing just like the guy from Death Cab and using the chord progression from Africa!

Micah said...

I was gonna say it sounded like Postal Service, but it's basically the same thing.

Christopher Day said...

Sometimes I kick it to Miley Cyrus. I buy many shoes and even carry a European style man bag at times. But even I cannot deal with this song. I was told it was awesome and I should listen to it and love it. But then I realized I was told this by a ten year old girl. I have to draw the line somewhere. Apparently I draw the line just this side of cutesy insects.

Clarke said...

1. i strongly dislike this song.

2. 2 months ago i had to text my college age sister what emo meant/stood for. i guess i was never meant to understand this song or the people who wrote it

bshawise said...

The terribly unfortunate thing about doing this post is that the moronic song has been stuck in my head all day.

bshawise said...

Oh, and I almost wrote in the original post that I thought c.day would comment about how I'm nuts and how great the song is. Glad to be wrong about that.

nat shaw said...

supposedly the guy who wrote that song was just kickin it in a trailer park, quite impoverished, and made that song completely on his keyboard with a computer and then BAM. goodbye trailer park, helloooo fame and fortune. i'm not saying it's good i'm just saying it's the american dream.

also i'm finding it hard to picture an emo bro but i'll let that slide

bww said...

I have to say this song sounds like poop personified. If poop could actually stand up and sing, it would sound like this guy. 10,000 poop's dancing around. If I took a pile of poop and put it on a cd and smashed it into my car compact disc player.....this is what it would play.

St said...

This song came on the radio today. I'd never herd it before but right away I thought, "fireflies? what the??? Oh wait! this is that song Brad was talking about" and I was able to change the station before any real harm was done. So. Thank you for that.