"" bshawise: Springtime

Monday, April 7, 2008


The oppressive reign of winter is over. There is dancing in the streets. Birds are dropping new albums and fresh singles about freedom and life. Squirrels are having or trying to have sex. Trees are dealing with colorful rashes, beautiful outbreaks, breathtaking acne. Construction crews are digging thru junk drawers in search of scissors to rid their flannels of sleeves. The influx of fresh air thru open windows is embarrassing/outdoing Cherry Bombs and the new car smell. LeBarons and Impalas are seeing their old convertible friends back on the streets. Bears and frisbee golfers are realizing how famished they are. The Beach Boys are picking their silk shirts up from the dry cleaners in preparation for touring season. Husbands are more convinced than ever that a second floor party deck on the roof of their tv room is priority #1. Vision-less wives list what they believe is a Royal Flush of priorities, a cornucopia of boredom. Claustrophobic, sweaty pieces of mulch are breathing easy for the first time since they were pieces of an alive tree. Charcoal is finally feeling useful again. Men are sneaking out to their true loves with their clean, white balls.........and tees. Teenage boys are begging their lawns to die while grade school boys are creating powerpoint presentations on why they're old enough to mow. Dogs are out on walks and seeing new tail their owners won't allow them to chase. Yards everywhere (except ours) are proving Kermit's theory of green-being wrong.

Nice work with Spring, God. The birds shout, "well done."

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