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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Remember Wacky Wednesday from elementary school? Teachers would throw down the gauntlet to come in dressed as wacky as pre-teenly possible. Crazynuts kids would come in with hats on. Inside the building they would wear hats. WAAAACKY!!!!!! I hope when Leah and I have kids they're still promoting wackiness on Wednesdays. I'll make up for the years of lameness by giving my kids genius ideas like rolling in with a wheelboro full of hot dogs. If the hat thing is still popular then maybe we make an airbrushed one that says "Dog Catcher."

Until then, I hope you enjoyed this Wednesday's Wack... Banana hats and RuPaul are the real deal. Pay attention, third graders.


ylmurph said...

I feel like I missed part of my childhood - was Worthington the only school district that didn't have wacky wednesdays?

We did have Thurgood Marshall Thursdays - we weren't that out of touch...

jmjana said...

im sitting next to a kindergarten teacher as we speak, and she says that whacky wednesday is STILL in effect. bring it.