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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Headline News

Yesterday was a day of epic news for two of my favorite people on the earthplanet. My little brother Brenty closed on his first house with his beautiful wife-to-be. And one of my best friends got engaged. News doesn't come packaged a whole lot bigger than that. It got me thinking of my wedding this morning. Both of these wildtigers stood beside me as I tried not to puke and cry. The nervous-in-a-good-way kind of puke/cry. Here's what I wrote about them in the program. The language is maybe a little dramatic in this blog context. But it's truth, and it fit the original context: a super awesome dramatic wedding event.

One day as kids we decided to start a world record camp fire. Due to the risk involved we told Brent that he couldn’t come. He started to cry. Matt the neighbor kid told Brent that someday he’d have to stop tagging along. “Whattya gonna do when Brad goes off to college?” Matt asked. Fighting through tears Brent responded, “I’ll go with him”. From then on there was no stopping us from tagging along with each other. We are best friends, each others’ biggest fans and have a closer bond than I could ever put into words.

I met Tyler at our freshmen orientation. During a rest room break we discovered that we shared a deep love for Fruity Pebbles. To this day he swears it was destiny. We spent the next five years of college realizing that despite what our parents said, we were twins separated at birth. He obviously got all the brawn. Tyler’s loyalty and dedication as a friend is truly unmatched. If it ever came down to it, I’m sure we’d get into an argument over who’d take the bullet for whom. And that’s a fight I wouldn’t pick for just anyone.

So the way I'm celebrating today is chair dancing to this song. I know it makes no sense lyrically. Or sensically for that matter. But whatever. It makes me happy. Just like good/great news from my boyzzzzzzzzzzz. So do me a solid, raise your coffee mug in honor of Tyler and Brenty and do a two-step with my good friend, Beyonce.

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