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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Ryder Truck Story

Some of you have never heard my Ryder Truck story. Some of you have but it's been awhile. 100% of this is true. Names and identities have NOT been changed or protected. It's kind of long. But with the correct pacing I think you'll enjoy.

In the fall of 2001 my friend Nate left our hometown in Ohio to make a career as a salesman in Boston. It was a Saturday morning, wet and cold, when Nate called me from 30 miles outside the city. He wouldn't accept my offer to call back when he got closer. I stayed on the line and helped guide him to a gas station about four blocks from my apartment where he pleaded, “Come and get me Wise. I don’t want to drive anymore.” The stress of navigating a Ryder Truck for over 12 hours finally broke him.

I complied and ran over to the station. I gave him a calming man-hug and jumped into the driver seat. We drove ten blocks to the realtor to pick up his keys, then back to my apartment to pick up my roommates, Tyler and Elliott. They were the muscle needed to move Nate into his new digs. Please note that I did not say “the brains” needed to move Nate in. This will be important in the paragraphs to come.

The big yellow Ryder truck had enough room for two in the front so the two ogres jumped in the back with Nate’s traveling circus gear. They had a couch to sit on a television they could pretend to watch. We were only going about 20 blocks so at worst a lamp or futon frame could fall on them. Read More...


tyler said...

and my comment still stands... you probably would've done the same thing, or something very close to it. you're just salty that you didn't think of it first.

Anonymous said...


The "dialogue" between you and the cops is truly priceless.

and the beginning of this sentence..."“We’re in college sir," is also the best initial explanation to give to any cop asking about one's doings.

Micah said...

You've got to realize, though. It's Boston. City of Perpetual Overreaction. Think Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Nate Williams said...

A month after 9/11 did not help us either, as the whole city of Boston thought they were a target! If only we had Jocko Hoffmann with us that day!! After almost 7 years we can laugh about it now!

John said...

Yep, 7 years later you CAN laugh about it, but, yikes, at the time, poor Brad; probably would have been better had the police acted like the one on National Lampoon's Vacation and said "get out of the car SIR before I split your skull with the butt of this revolver faster than you can say police brutality" or did they say something like that without the "sir".