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Friday, May 30, 2008

Spring Break '02

In early spring 2002, most college co-eds were heading south for beaches and tshirt-wearing contests. My college roommates (Ryan: tall skinny. Tyler: tall rugged. Gordy: medium snarky) decided to pile into a conversion van and head for the grandest of all canyons. It makes my heart hurt watching this video I cut together years ago. So many memories. It's kind of overwhelming, actually. We got to El Canyon and it was covered in fog and snow. The fog lifted and we had the place to ourselves. We chucked hundreds of snowballs into that great crevice. Eventually, we grew tired of the cold and left for San Diego (thinking it was a five hour trip). Nine hours later I woke up and we were parked in a ritzy neighborhood covered in sunshine. Good times.
(btw, this blogger video takes a little bit to load)

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