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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Motel Shoot

Spent 13+ hours at a Motel 6 shooting five different videos this Friday. We ended the day with the cops showing up. They were telephoned and told that porno was being filmed in room 306. Turns out the particular Motel 6 that I chose is notorious for letting tranny prostitutes rent "office space." The cop arrived as we were packing. I walked out the door tightening/adjusting my belt buckle when the officer asked what we were doing. That didn't look good. Eventually after we cleared things up the officer told us that she wasn't even sure she could arrest us if we actually were shooting porno. Unless we had animals. There was an elephant earlier in the day. I didn't tell her that.

Here's a few stills from the shoot. I'll upload some production shots later on. It's pretty cool to see the set up that Mister Mark Denney had packed into that urine-soaked room. It was a great day capped off with a pretty remarkable encounter with The Man.

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Joe said...

I'm just gonna go ignore any porno comments and say those are great pic's. The lighting is awesome. Can't wait to see some footage.