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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Morning Sounds

9am sunday morning. sitting outside on my tiny deck. lots of sounds. morning doves impersonating owls. distant dogs shouting at each other. cicadas buzzing and dying. miss jackson's teeth nipping together eating said cicadas. kids chasing each other. my toilet flushing upstairs. a motley crew of birds harmonizing. woodpecker doing his best to play percussion for everyone but struggling to keep tempo with the unorthodox rhythm. squaking, crow-like birds flying overhead. miss jackson stepping ungracefully thru the ivy in hunt of more cicadas. leah sneezing inside (avoiding bug bites-she's very sweet and the bugs know it). neighbor doing a STOMP routine filling a wheelboro with something (wood maybe) and dropping a bucket on the ground. a blackish bird splashing clean in our bird bath. cars honking-seems early for honking. miss jackson pushing open the squeaky door with a stick in mouth to join leah inside. my empty coffee cup snapping its fingers for a refill. my keyboard going quiet....

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John said...

Brad, there's an article in The Cincinnati Enquirer, Wed, 6/4, bottom of page 1, Section B (LOCAL) which shows and tells about a mesh 'hat' (for laundering lingerie) that a Golden retriever/Australian sheperd in Mariemont named Freckles dons when she goes outside -- meant to curb her appetite for cicadas due to getting sick too many times ! -- it works and she even sits and waits to have it placed over her head before going out. Maybe Miss Jackson could benefit while the invasion is here?