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Friday, June 27, 2008

Bear Zen

As the final guests pull away in their minivans and SUVs, the Clowns take off their wigs to start cooking dinner, and Bear sneaks away for a short-lived respite. Nobody knows about Bear. They assume it's still Derrick under the suit. And by the time they begin to wonder aloud why Derrick never talks anymore and how he grew so tall so fast, Daredevil is pouring moonshine down everyone's throat transforming their concern into revelry. Every morning is brand new. Bear gives head nods to the Freaks when they pass by and shout, "Dancing Derrick! Have a good show, brother!" He patiently endures Bearded Lady's awkward flirtations as they wait for Ringleader to call them on. And as he balances on the tiny ball in his shameful tutu he resists the overwhelming urge to eat the drunk farmers who yell, "Cute skirt, Christopher Robin." From behind his cartoonish mask, Bear knows that if he can abstain from more killing he can one day make it out. Goodbye to the pathetic fair circuit and hello to the prestigious stripes of Mr. Barnum. Derrick will be there in spirit as he gets converted into caloric drive and determination inside Bear's stomach. That zen thought justifies everything in Bear's mind as he sits and waits for the Clowns to finish boiling sausage.

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Christopher Day said...

And then inside THAT suit is an even smaller Boo Boo Bear. And then inside THAT suit is like a Teddy Graham. This is perpetually funny!