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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bookmark it, Dan-o

I've been using these two sites for a few weeks now and I am positive that they're worth sharing. Perhaps you early-adopted long ago. If not, allow me to introduce you to my first new buddy, Pandora. This site allows you to create radio stations with music you like. It's all free. So say you're a huge Fanilow but your evil boss won't let you bring Barry cds to work. Pandora. They also find music that is similar to an artist or song. It helps expand your horizons and shows the Fanilows that Michael Buble is out there crooning as well. You can give songs "thumbs up or down" which helps Pandora learn your taste. It's worth bookmarking immediately.

The second site is StumbleUpon. It literally helps you stumble upon things that interest, amuse, tickle, educate, nourish you. Remember in high school when you'd drive around looking for stuff to do. This is kind of like that. But it has the ability to only take you down the good streets. The streets with hackey-sack games and parks full of rap music and all your friends. You tell Stumble (I call him stu) what interests you and then you start stumbling. You can click that you "liked it" and it saves that site for future reference. It can drive around looking for everything you like or very specific things (video, images, blogs, news). Give it shot and if you find anything cool send it my way. I promise to do the same.

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