"" bshawise: Lil' Meatloaf

Monday, June 2, 2008

Lil' Meatloaf

My pocket-sized, future rock-diva of a friend mat milthaler has a weblog. While on our roadtrip Joe and I decided we would some day make our fortune writing and producing a one man rock and roll show featuring Mister Milthaler. Imagine Meatloaf + Freddie Mercury + Bette Midler with robotic lights and smoke. Live in Reno! Mat and I actually rapped together way back in the day. Little known fact...this Renaissance Man is a descendant of the secret love affair between Leonardo DaVinci & female tasmanian devil. If his weblog reflects this 100% true fact we're all in for a treat.


Clarke said...

i must confess. the video, the rapping, it just does not get old to me. and now that i've met mat i feel like i've met a celebrity, well, a sort-of-celebrity like nick cannon or margaret cho.

Joe said...