"" bshawise: Miss Juicin'

Monday, June 23, 2008

Miss Juicin'

Miss Jackson went on steroids today. She's a juicer. Cheater. She's been raging all day. One second she's hitting home runs the next she's crying in her water dish. One minute she's bench pressing 380 the next she's screaming about how Congress is a bunch of terrorists. I had to hide all my diabetic needles and Bud Selig posters.

(in truth, the vet is hoping the roids fix her wonky leg that never recovered after the back injury.)


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Christopher Day said...

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JOHN ARNS said...

Poor Miss Jackson.... give her plenty of TLC, Brad. Hard tellin' what she might do next.

cap'n crazy cougarz said...

brad, cousin, I'd advise rigging a pillow to miss' abnormally large boulder you call a head. She's gonna be cracking that dome through drywall as abundant mood swings soon become the norm. You just had a rather tragic house/dog moment, so lets prevent another from happening.