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Monday, June 9, 2008

Soul Food

I doubt I'll ever get political with this weblog. I simply don't know enough to go there intelligently. But, I like how much artists like Obama. Good art speaks to souls. And I'd be willing to say that change only happens if souls are spoken to. Let's all make art this week. My buddy, Hoffmann, smoked a pork shoulder for us this weekend. That was good art. It spoke to my soul and my stomach. Art is bigger than paint and pixels. We all can create something. Yes we can. Yes we can.


Anonymous said...

Yes we can! And I think it's a pretty cool talent not only to be able to create that art, but to inspire others to create it.

Someday I hope to have those magical powers- and I'll use them only for good, not evil!

(Shay sent me the link to your post, hope you don't mind!)

bshawise said...

why wait, pittgirly? i think the magic is in not waiting.