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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reality Check

I got off to a bad start this morning. I was putting my bag into the car, my coffee and banana bread waiting for me on the roof, I shut the door and my coffee and banana bread left to wait for me on the garage floor. A literal and figurative bittersweet, hot mess. I was in a bad mood the entire drive. When I got to work I told a few people I had the "worst" morning. I whined, "My coffee spilled and it was just the worst." By the third person I caught myself and realized how bratty I am. My "worst" morning is not getting to enjoy homemade bread (baked by my amazing wife) and coffee while driving in my Volvo (full of gas) to a great job full of great people. Reality check. The only thing that warrants the use of, "the worst" is my attitude. I deserve mornings with no coffee. They truly wake me up.

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