"" bshawise: How He Loves

Thursday, August 6, 2009

How He Loves

This song cannonballs my soul in overwhelming and unexplainable ways. It's been stuck in my head and chest for weeks. If you have a spare moment, and feeling extra open-minded, put your hands in your lap, close your eyeballs and just listen. It may or may not feel like a warm Shamu splash. Either way, it's only four minutes.


K. Bryan White said...

I love it also. One of my favorite new songs in a looong time. Jim and the band nailed it last week. I especially love the added "Hallelujah" chorus at the end. THey stretched it out to about 9 minutes but it felt like four. Incredibly moving for me.

John Arns said...

a good splash for sure... i'm fairly certain we have this song in the Healing Center sanctuary worship cd collection. if not, we sure need to.

jmjana said...

if you know ash peacock, you have to hear him sing this song. it makes you want to up and go to heaven. immediately.