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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Perhaps you're like me, and sometimes a good quote from a smart, dead person is like good medicine. When things feel a little murky or shaky, it's nice to digest a little nugget of truth from someone who's been there. I found myself digging around for some today. Then, for whatever reason, I wanted to try writing my own. Almost like I'm a freelance fortune cookie writer. Feel free to turn them into posters with jumping whales. Just a few thoughts I had this morning...

"Instincts are easier to trust when the stakes are low. But when they're high...that's when you find out if you got moxy."

"Sometimes your critics are looking thru different glasses than you. The trick is getting them to trust that your vision is less fuzzy than theirs."

"Listening to your gut gets harder the longer you stay in the ring."

"A bagel is good by itself. Its even better with sausage, egg, cheese, hot sauce and ranch."

"Pipe dreams don't magically turn themselves into plumbing. They need a passionate group of plumbers and pipe benders willing to crawl into the dark, dirty places."

"Take risks. But only if you have some bounce left in your tanks."

I'll leave you one last quote from the Clarke girls. It's an axiom that I've followed for over 15 years. "Dance like you feel."


Anonymous said...

nothing brings me greater joy than dance how you feel. if you've never done it, you need to go home crank up some music and lose your inhibitions! and if you ever need to see a true master of ''dance how you feel", seek out brad wise, chris day, or jessica clarke.

Lumpy said...

I read dance how you feel and flashed on Big Comfy Couch. My little one is facinated with that. But it's true - sometimes you just gotta cut lose.

ylmurph said...

how great is the word moxy?
let me go ahead an answer...really great

Matt said...

I'm pretty sure "Moxy" is not actually a word at all. how does that make you dance?

ylmurph said...

oh it's in the dictionary my young electrical friend...oh yes, it's in there.
(side note: I tend to spell it Moxie, but I didn't want to make this about spelling)

Clarke said...

i like this.

John Arns said...

i like it, too. the line "ya got moxie, kid !!" was delivered by Richard Dreyfuss to actor Brad Stoll when he trusted his instincts in a high-stakes situation in one of my favorite movies.

John Arns said...

Lost in Yonkers trailer (I just had to share):