"" bshawise: Diff'rent Strokes

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Diff'rent Strokes

Get it? His name is Mr. Drummond. Drummin' rhymes with Drummond. That's why it's so hilarious. HAHAHA;LFAJS;LDJFA;LSDJFAL;J.

Now before you post inane comments like, "Brad, you have too much time on your hands" and "I hate how unfunny you are" know that I spent less than 90 seconds on it. And that seems worth it for an idea cooked up while microwaving quiche. My next one will be Arnold Drummond's head on the Governator's body. Get it?


John Arns said...

quiche IS great food for great ideas.

Annie Michael Murphy said...

I think technically his name was Arnold Jackson

Christopher Day said...

What about a little, "Whatchu talkin bout, Phyllis?" accompanied by a Phyllis Diller pic.