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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mid June

A lot happened this month. Here’s a few photos.

McKinley Marie Wise was born on June 12 and her parents ceremonially cut her arm off with blurry scissors. Traditions are a crazy thing.

On our way to OBX we watched a WVU campfire on rte. 35. West Virginny isn’t lying when they warn/welcome you of their wildness. The trucker lived so it’s ok to make jokes.

We made it to the beach and my hair did funny things.

Look to the right and you’ll see a sad flower girl who got her flowers stolen by a double-fisting, smiley-faced charlatan.  

This bartender was super nice.

Jason (bottom left) just DDT’d the ring bearer.

“Steve, what do flies wear on their feet?” I ask.

“I don’t know, Brad.” Steve smiles.

“Shoos.” I say.

Leah attempts to remind Lola that she should stop eating sand. The previous night, Lola celebrated Liz and Steve’s wedding by getting drunk on sand punch. She must’ve imbibed about four pounds worth. At least that’s how much the next day’s sand turds seemed to weigh.

Miss Jackson and Leah play kites.

Lola waits for Leah to look away so she can eat more sand.

The hound doesn’t quite understand fetch.

But she tries hard.

Every day is trash day in OBX. This smelly stroll makes you appreciate the sea air when you make it to the beach. That’s a metaphor I think.

I don’t have any photos of the 13.5 hour drive home. We almost gave the hound to the hills of West Virginia. She travelled about as well as a five-month old terrorist can travel. Rolling into the ‘Nati and getting a pizza from Sorento’s at 9:30pm was sweet. And garlicky. Mama Sorrento isn’t stingy with the garlic.

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Joe Shaw said...

I didn't recognize you when I saw that picture. Lookin' fresh.

Clarke said...

lola's ears make me laugh

Anonymous said...

Love all the photos! Yo mama especially loves her son's return of the hair! I agree, Joseph! Lookin' fresh!