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Thursday, June 3, 2010

POV Experiment: story three

Selfishly, I'm enjoying this little experiment. But I feel I should warn you that more so than the others, this next one is really only interesting if you know the characters.

Here's my point of view: We camped in Sedona, AZ after a day of hiking the red rocks. When we got to the site and set up camp we needed firewood. Instead of buying it for like $3 we decided to march into the forest and find a batch of logs the campsite manager said existed. He told us the electric company downed a mess of trees as they cleared the way for a new line. The campsite manager was being a jerk I think. The logs were literally over the river/creek, thru the woods and up a monster hill. And they were the size of bass drums. And they were half granite. So we ended up throwing the half ton logs back down the hill, hauled them over the creek and up to our site. It was easily the most exhausting day of my life

Here's another:

Gordon's roommates were missing. Absent on their own accord. They were off getting wood or something. Gordon didn't pay attention. He was busy thinking. He sat there looking at trees and rocks, but really he was ruminating. About the internet. His concerned look was unrelated to his AWOL buddies. Gordon was nervous the internet missed him. He knew he couldn't gain access in the lousy wilderness. He thought about his mouse. He smiled as he imagined its strong, ergonomic back that carried him thru the caves and canyons of the world wide web. He dreamed of his monitor. Its warm glow heating his soul at night. He thought about his ethernet. A river of adventure that swept him away on daily adventures thru the rapids of gossip and news and....? For a moment, Gordon sits up. Could he send his internet a postcard? Some kind of brief explanation? No, he realizes. That would be insulting. The internet hates paper and the USPS. He will have to wait. He decides that when he gets home he'll create an e-card and beg forgiveness for his lack of commitment the past week. That's all he can do. He continues to sit, waiting for his roommates to get back from whatever pointless task they're gone doing.

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