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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Aloha Means Goodbye

I have bad news for the internet. Dare I say epic tragic bad news. I'm unplugging for ten days. I'm going rogue. Off the grid. Amish style. Leah and I will be in Hawaii until October 23rd. I'm going to unlearn digital connectivity and go 100% analog. I'm leaving my phone and computer on the mainland. I know what you're thinking. How will you survive without me? Two words. Tuba Wolf. While I'm away, robbing you of my connectedness, I hope this award winning dance video provides you with some level of solace.

1 comment:

Christopher Day said...

Honestly, I just thought it would be awesome to comment on this particular blog entry.

Come on, the irony of commenting on the ONE entry where Brad won't see the comment.

It's like if someone told me they were dying and I waited till AFTER to say something meaningful.

Okay, nevermind. You people suck.

PS: amazing video! I think I'll tell all my friends and family to watch it so it goes viral.