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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hawaii post #2

A few more pics from vacation.

After the surfing lesson I took a bath with Speedy Gonzales. Not too shabby being able to stare out at the ocean while you soak. Then Steve came over with dinner, a red snapper. He cleaned the fish and told me to give the guts to the crabs. I held a funeral ceremony on the cliffs. Leah had a drink. Steve made an amazing spread, he made us let him have the head (we didn't argue) and Pono fell asleep. Adults are boring.

The next day we went to the volcanoes, walked through lava tubes and went to Aunty Cindy's place to partake another masterful dinner by Steve. We also had my new favorite thing, poke. It's cut up pieces of raw fish. I'm certain I now have mercury poison from all the ahi I consumed.

The next day we went to Waipio Valley. Hands down the most amazing place I've ever been. Wild horses just waltzing around down in this secluded paradise. You have to have four-wheel drive to make it down the death-defying hill. I did the boogie boarding with Steve and Pono. Much easier than surfing. We finished up the day driving up the mountain to watch the sun set into the clouds.

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Joe Shaw said...

Looks epic. That shot of the horse coming out of the water is great. This whole Uncle Steve talk is throwing me off. And I'm glad to see you rocking that Nebraska tee.