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Saturday, January 12, 2008

to the left

i know this old. i know it's a bunch of things that point towards my lameness. i don't care. i capital LOVE this video. i find turning a mediocre top 40 song into an interesting country song with an accordion genius. every so often i put it on and two step around my living room. i don't even know how to two step. so i actually country skip/hop around (making waylon jennings turn in his grave) fully aware that i'm a giant loser. what can i say, i'm a sucker for a mandolin. i like that they sing "to the left" and point to the right. i like the way the sugarland lady "dances" all hunched over. and when she says, "welcome my fraynd beyonce" i smile. sue me.


Natalie said...

I showed this video to my friends at school after Turk Day. "Amazing, right?" I asked, sure they'd agree and snap along with me, but they just stared and changed the subject.

bshawise said...

i'm concerned that your friends are deaf. i'd encourage them to see the school nurse.