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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Leaving on Jet Planes

I leave for Africa tomorrow. Jos, Nigeria. We're going to drill wells. Actually, we've bought a drilling rig and hired a crew to drill wells. They're gonna go village to village changing the way thousands of Nigerians live. So we're going over there to watch. And celebrate. There will be group updates at this site

I just bought a fanny pack with like 16 compartments. It's sad how excited I am to figure out what I want to put in each of them. I also just found out that I get to operate a 50 year old 16mm film camera while over there. Our video guy bought it at a goodwill. He told me that 25 feet of film is like 3 minutes worth of action. I said, "no way." He said, "way." So, we're gonna goof around with the exposures and see what happens. Should be fun.

I'm sad to leave Leah. Ten days is going to feel long. I keep telling myself that sailors and other such journeymen used to leave for much longer. I'm still sad. Strange to be filled with such a variety of emotions.


Natalie said...

hey remember how we were going to go to africa at the same time?

Kenya fell apart, so I'm going to mexico instead. you're going to have to experience africa for the both of us, cousin. please bring me an elephant.

jmjana said...

SO excited for you and can't wait to hear about it!

ylmurph said...

two things -
you should put some bug spray in one of the compartments and an ipod full of Bob Geldof songs in another.

I expect a post card with a picture of a snowman

Anonymous said...

thoughts are with you.

if you get the opportunity make sure you film a music video to one of those sweet paul simon songs we used to listen to.