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Friday, September 5, 2008

RFL 9/08

Vacation is coming to a close. It was a magically delicious week. There was a good mix of hard work and total relaxation. Took Dr. Jackson for a boat cruise. She wanted to jump in and retrieve every floating leaf or stick we passed. In addition to ripping up the deck, I also destroyed a set of bunk beds that were built to sleep overweight grizzly bears. MACBB (mothers against collapsing bunk beds) would've been proud of the nail-happy architects of these beds. They would not have been proud of the architect's decision to forgo a safety rail. Back when Shep was just a pup I fell out of the top bunk and cracked my head open. Still have the scar in the back of my head. I slept in that bunk room until I married Leah. Lots of memories. Lots of late night talks with Brenty. But he and his wife need a room. Putting newlyweds in bunk beds is just flat out cruel. It'd be like sending a cured diabetic into a candy store with zero dollars. Newlyweds like candy. S'all I'm saying.

The only way this week could get any better is if I could take tomorrow off as well and watch the Bucks beat up on the Bobkittens and my Bearcats take on the Boomer Sooners. And because I have the greatest boss ever, that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Glory be.

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matthew milthaler said...

this doesn't help my cabin fever!