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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Truckstop Street Team

The past few weeks of politics have been fascinating. I watched as a NFL stadium filled with TGI Fridays servers who wear their love for Obama anywhere there's room for a button. I watched that guy from Law and Order bumble his way thru an extremely awkward speech a couple days ago. I watched Gov. Pallin talk about being a hockey mom. I've made statements to Leah about how it just seems like it's going to an Obama blow out. But then we went to the Rocky Fork Truckstop for breakfast and ate beside the unauthorized McCain Street Team. These two roughneck dudes (I don't say that as a slam, they were covered in the grit and gravel of America's byways) recapped Pallin's speech and how much they hate Obama. The F word was a mandatory adjective for every single sentence. No exaggeration. They said things like, "You see that woman's speech last night?" They said they were long time Democrats and if Biden or Hilary were running they'd vote Democrat again. But not Obama. They hate Michelle Obama for not being proud of America and want her to leave if she ain't proud. They passionately reminded each that Barack ain't never fought in a war. Their conversation turned quiet and I overheard words like "kill that mother@$%!." Then I come home, open up the paper and see that in Columbus someone spray painted "Death Obama" on one of his supporters homes.

A week in Hillsboro has opened my eyes to the complexity of our diverse country. Made me wonder about, but not want to hear the other conversations truckers are having on CBs and in truckstops across America. I bet they are scary as hell.


Christopher Day said...

Ignorance abounds, my friend.

I'm so glad I got to choose the fact that I was born a white male with a strong Catholic name. Maybe that way, I can actually become somethin'!!

ylmurph said...

this is exactly why BJ and the Bear was cancelled

matthew milthaler said...

imagine, people were actually hailing obama's primary victory as the start of a post-racial society.

knowing you... this probably sealed the deal. just like your ugly sunglasses... you want to vote for him even more.