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Monday, December 7, 2009


My brother wrote a great blog here about our weekend in Pittsburgh. The whole trip was his idea. Months ago he randomly said, "We should go to the Pitt game." At first I was like riiiiiiiight. But then I started thinking about it. I pitched it to friends and it gained traction.

Everyone says things like this all time. And then for a little while get excited by their potential. But typically, we'll generate a list of reasons to kill the idea and we'll wax nostalgic about the would've, could've, should've. I am so unbelievably thankful that we ignored that list this time. It was an experience that we'll talk about for years. In the third quarter when it wasn't looking good for the Cats I thought to myself about how I didn't really care if they lost. The sum of the weekend's parts were greater than the result of the game. I really felt that. Don't get me wrong, winning is great. It made the ride home much better. But it's just a game. It really is. And if we change our perspective, the games can be an excuse to share experiences with your friends. That's the real good stuff. I know Fuller is going to rip on this post. But whatever, he's an angry old man.

That all said, I'm excited to share the experience of watching Tim Tebow cry on Jan. 1. That's gonna be sugar sweet.


ylmurph said...

it was pretty good on tv too...maybe just not quite the same. I'll always have the Middletown/St. X game of '99

Steve Fuller said...

Actually, I am going to link this blog post to my dozen friends who are dropping like flies out of a New Year's Eve trip to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl.