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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

BESTOV '09: appetizer

In June we celebrated Leah becoming a Master of Business Administration by going to the Brown Dog Cafe. It was there that we sampled the best appetizer of 2009, their cheese board. It was an adventure in combinations. A cutting board comes out bedazzled with montrachet blanc, kumquats, manchego, cinnamon pear, gjetost, goat gouda, black raspberry coulis. Paired with a good (not great) red wine, this appetizer is symphony for your taste buds.

We now find ourselves ordering cheese boards whenever we run across them. They hit the spot without leaving you feeling full or gross. The mix of cheeses and sweet things feels like a sophisticated and exotic version of the after school snack you had as a kid. For a few minutes you get to be a culinary Mr. Wizard, combining slices of things together to create new and tasty concoctions.

A close second are the potato rags from Habits Cafe.

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