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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

POV Experiment: story one

Here's my point of view of story one: We stumbled upon an Irish pub in St. Louis that served entire pitchers of beer for a quarter. That enabled us to spend the night dancing with Refrigerator Perry's daughters (figuratively speaking).

Here's another:

Theatrice walks off the dance floor and up to the bar. She wipes beads of sweat off her forehead with a cocktail napkin. Her sister Rondelle and cousin Maylinda remain on the floor. Theatrice orders a drink with a simple finger-wave to the bartender, Mike. She (and her cousins) are regulars on Wednesday nights. It's Quarter Pitcher night but Theatrice (and her cousins) hate beer. They drink white zinfandel spritzers.

"One Zin Spritz. Do your partners in crime need one?" Mike asks looking to the dance floor where Rondelle and Maylinda are dancing with three white boys.

"No, they're good right now." Thea leans against the bar watching them.

Mike takes Thea's money and says, "I see they found some dry fish out there."

Dry fish are the reason Thea and the girls come out on Wednesday nights. Quarter pitchers are bait for the Abercrombies and Fitches of St. Louis University. They consume gallons and gallons of draft beer and always end up on the dance floor.

"White boys are silly aren't they?" Thea takes a sip of her spritz.

"Like fish out of water on that floor. These ones are especially bad. They from SLU?" Mike asks.

"No. Ohio."

"Ohio? What are they doing here?"

"Flailin'." Thea laughs as one of the white boys smacks her cousin's rump.

"That looks more like smackin'." Mike says.

"White boys are silly aren't they?" Theatrice shakes her head and walks back onto the dance floor. One of the white boys is convinced Thea is in love with him. He raises the roof and flails his way toward her.

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tyler said...

i think you got the game all wrong. those girls probably still talk about the ramblers that rode into town and stole their hearts on the dance floor that night.