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Friday, July 23, 2010

Bird Bath (dumbest post ever)

This is my best guess at what song was playing as this sad bird got washed.


amymck said...

I kept looking at that picture and trying to figure out how you got that song from that picture and then tried to come up w/ a word association and then a song and video for it myself. here's what I got, and surprisingly, a song I never heard before, but now love! (I started by looking for the song I thought I wanted then on that videos page was a video to a song w/ a similar title that I like so much more and that's what I went w/ instead! )

bshawise said...

very cool song, amy. thanks for sharing!

i just thought the poor bird looked sad. and sinead's song is the saddest song i could think of.

shay said...

your headline says it all.*


bshawise said...


Christopher said...

Maybe a little CCR?

Who'll Stop The Rain

Come on. It's a flippin wet owl. WHO'll stop the RAIN.

bshawise said...

Stopher, you complete me.