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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Things that went through my mind last night at 3am when Miss Jackson started half-barking and ran downstairs but then eventually got eerily quiet:

Shut up.
Seriously, I'm tired.
Maybe there's robbers.
Maybe there's robbers who gave her poison-covered treats to shut her up.

I got up, called her, she ran back upstairs, looked at me, then ran back down doing that half-bark thing. So I went to bed and Leah posed a theory that Miss might be dying. Things that went thru my mind before and after grabbing a candlestick (seriously) and going downstairs:

That would suck if she died. I like her.
At least we'd have Lola.
She's long and silly.
There still may be robbers.
Robbers who are super quiet and whose poison treats are so good that Miss went back for more.
I don't have any weapons up here.
I could grab a shampoo bot- don't be ridiculous. Too soft.
Oh look, a candlestick.
Wow, it's kind of heavy.
Please don't be robbers.
Hey, Miss.
You wanna go outside? K.
Stop eating grass.
Seriously. Come back in here.
I feel silly holding this candlestick.

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