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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bad Aim

Firstly, this isn’t my pee splatter stain. I have to pee sitting down. House rules. Just kidding. I pee outside. Man rules. Just kidding. Quit asking me about where and how I pee. That’s none of your business. The point is, this happened. Someone peed on top of the urinal. I have a few guesses how this happened...

1. A distracted giant.
2. A blind giant.
3. A kid playing swords on a ladder.
4. A super poor graffiti artist.
5. A rotten hound named Lola snuck out of our house, dodged lots of traffic and claimed this urinal.
5. A drunk giant talking to his blind twin brother.
6. An abstract pee painter.
7. A humming bird with human-sized bladder.

(do humming birds pee? serious question)

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Christopher Day said...

I'm no art critic, by any means. Heck, I still think it's funny to make my upside-down calculator say 'BOOBIES'. But I'm fairly certain you just captured the beginning of a spot on rendition of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam. If I had to guess, the artist is sneaking in at night and using some sort of scaffolding to lay above the urinal and "paint" his masterpiece. You look at the picture linked below and tell me if it's not God's arm/hand reaching out to Adam's. This is just the beginning, my friend. Wait till tomorrow and I have a feeling Adam's outstretched hand will be urethra'd all over the urinal to the left.


Nate Williams said...

that was the grease left over from a bratwurst....everyone enjoys a juicy brat in the restroom.....come on Wisey