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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Decision

This is my final post on Blogger. I'm taking my talents to Tumblr. I'm certain the president/owner of Blogger is going write me a scathing letter in comic sans. And fans of Blogger will call me Quitness. I'm sorry. I'm a lousy traitor. But from here on out you can find my nonsense on:

For those of you wondering why I'm changing teams. There are a few reasons.

1. My 8 ft. tall, iron-bending Swedish friend convinced me to.
2. It's a lot easier to use.
3. It's Facebook meets Twitter meets Blogger. So now that I have an account I can start following people and their posts show up in my "news feed." So it feels like the wild west of visual discovery. I can reblog things I like with a click of a button. It's like a digital potluck.

There is one negative. You can't comment in Tumblr. It's not like that happened a ton here on Blogger. But I do really like to hear from the five of you. So if you ever feel the need to comment you can always email me. I'd love that.

That's all. Come visit me in south beach.

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