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Friday, February 6, 2009

Balloon Brainstorm

I have such a strange job. I recently bought a few weather balloons and today inflated one (at the end of the video you'll see a yet-to-be-inflated 16ft monster). My original use for them isn't going to work out. But I want to use them in a video or in a celebration here at the vineyard. How cool would it be to bounce it around beach ball style in church? So, I need your help in brainstorming ideas / metaphors / analogies that would justify using these ginormous beauties either in a video or live. Whatchu got?


clizzarke said...

what a great job. two suggestions for the message behind such a wonderful bunch of toys.

I, like many, would have a very difficult time concentrating on anything when there was the possibility of punching a giant balloon. You could easily tie into an analogy about focusing on your faith and the things that can detract from said focus.

Giant Balloon:Me = Headlights:Deer

I remember my last run-in with a giant rubber sphere, it was in elementary school. That balloon was a violent sucker, as i remember it if you tried to wrangle it alone you would end up on your back. I think the lesson that the giant man-lady Ms. Smith was trying to get across was teamwork. with 20 or so elementary kids we could work together to maneuver the balloon around the gym. Maybe a tie-in with faith again...going at it alone can be a real pain in the ass (literally), but with support you can enjoy a 16 ft weather balloon and faith.

tyler said...

i think you should throw it in the RFL, get a rope swing or zip line and try to land on it. In fact, I think it's the only thing you can do.

Brenty said...

Satan is like gravity. Once you start getting higher and higher in life, or you walk with God is reaching new heights, he is there to pull you down.

But, with the help of others through prayer, small groups, etc.... they are there to give you lift. Without each other our walk of faith might fall to the ground, much like that ball would without all of the people in the crowd giving it a lift.

Scott & Jess said...

I watched the video and viewed that silly big white ball as a simple act of kindness. How one act of kindness can be boundless in who it touches and where it goes! It's unpredictable... we never fully know how a moment of touching someone elses life in an affirming or kind way can reverberate into this broken world we live in.
It's also fun to watch kindness in action. It's even funner to be a part of it! That's what I think... Jess

workinprogress said...

It just made me think of baby making for some reason. And the last shot could be a giant condom. So see, this could all be tied into a celebration on unprotected sex.
Ha. I'm brillant.

matthew milthaler said...

use it this weekend... project the luke 4 faces on it with an old school slide projector as people bounce it around before each celebration.