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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Old School

Isaac and I found an old school nintendo on the internets this week. We shot a video for work yesterday. Plugging that thing in and pressing start on Super Mario Bros. was like time-traveling. So many memories. Much time was spent in our unfinished basement playing this joy box. Brenty, remember Paperboy? Wow.

I still suck at video games. I died at the first little mushroom demon like three times. Leah is pretty good though. We played after we finished shooting the video. I love my job.


j steg said...

Paperboy was the next best thing to Mario Bros

Christopher Day said...

Man I hope you blew the dust out of the cartridges. There's nothing like running your mouth along the top and blowing out the filth. I think I started the blowing process back on my ColecoVision.

John Arns said...

ColecoVision... reminds me of the heyday of Atari and Odyssey. and vax. and playing 'mary had a little lamb' on our first touch tone telephone.

Dan Kalbach said...

You know children of the 80's everywhere will be contracting lung disease of some sort from inhaling Tecmo Bowl cartridge dust.