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Monday, March 16, 2009


This morning a friend invited me to a video chat. The Jetson-esque aspect of these chats still blows me away. I declined because:

A. Leah was on a conference call and I had to be very very quiet.
B. I just woke up, was rocking glasses, eye-crusties and had toxic morning breath that would've been visible on camera.

This got me thinking a little bit. I was awake and interested in certain levels of community. I was reading blogs, checking Facebook and even txt iChatting with a couple people. All in my pajamas. I pictured people from the 1800s. I doubt they did much in their pajamas except sleep or walk to the outhouse. If they wanted community they'd put on corsets, suits, rouge and stroll to courtyards and military parades. They would've had no way to hear about ALL their friends' weekend adventures without serious effort and formality.

Neither did we a handful of years ago.

Back in the 80s I had to go breakdancing parties to hear the latest WORD. In the 90s I spent countless hours at 90210 parties just to interact with my stonewashed cronies. Now I roll out of bed and I'm popping and locking with all of you from the comfort of my flannels.

I think all this technology is good right? I wouldn't know half of you clowns without it. I wonder when it's bad, though. Does all this cyber -community keep things sterile in certain ways? I certainly miss the smell of sweat and Tang from all those breakdancing parties. I really miss the smell of White Rain and denim from the 90210 get-downs. So if someone invents a way for smells to shoot thru cyberspace they'll be a billionaire. You could be smelling my breath right now. That's community.


Brenty said...

I think tech can be bad in the way that you lose that "conversation" with people. How often does an email or txt take the place of a simple phone call to say "hey". I think it is fair to say that all good has it's bad. The chinese were right with the Yin and the Yang.

tyler said...

Amen Brenty. The yin and the yang. And you could take it another step further by inquiring how much we lose when meeting up with a friend for lunch is replaced by a phone call. Conversation becomes more superficial with each generation. And I can't say my circle of friends has increased because of facebook.