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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I just read an article about how scientists are trying to figure out why sled dogs are so sensitive to insulin. They know it's due to the fact that these dogs are pulling sleds thousands of miles. Sleds that are full of gear that feeds, clothes and protects the maniac yelling, "Mush." The scientists want to know what chemical reaction is happening that makes them so lean and muscular. Figure that out, create a pill and/or smoothie and boom- millions of exercise-phobes get skinny without all the annoying hard work. Sled dogs are lean, mean pulling machines because they're putting in the time working their asses off in Antarctica. They deserve their leanness.

Americans (myself included here) piss me off. All we want is the short cut, the easy way out, the secret back door. I see it with this financial mess. I don't like hearing our president tell me it's going to be a long hard row to hoe. Give me the quick fire fix, Barry. Put this thing in the microwave and cook it. Fix it. Now.

I find this microwave mentality affecting my spiritual life as well. This week, I've spending time each morning in prayer. One part of this new routine is a 20 minute block of time where you listen to God. For the past two days I've gotten antsy after five minutes. I'm like, c'mon God....I'm here, let's do it, I'm ready. It's sad but I even want the secret door, chemical smoothie approach to connecting with God.

Half the stuff we want we don't deserve because we don't put the work in. We need to fix that. Right?


John Arns said...

two words: Mt. French.
one great place...

Annie Michael Murphy said...

I know it wasn't really the point but you said Fix It. And I loved it.

Shawdog said...

I just want someone to give me a job. Why do I have to meet with 200 people, send out 1000 resumes, eat countless breakfasts and lunches with people I hardly know, just to find work? Fix it! Give me a dang job.

But it doesn't work that way. Hard work pays off. Instant gratification flees as fast as you find it. It's like a flake of snow that lands on your finger. For a brief moment, the beauty and intricacy of that tiny flake amazes you, yet in an instant, it is becomes a blob of water. But build a snowman and it can be the last remnant of a large storm, an enduring memory of bonding moment with your child.

So keep listening. Shut out the noise, filter out the B.S. And wait for the butterfly to land next to you with an important message from God.