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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mnemonic Alphabet Soup

I've been DVRing Demetri Martin's new show on Comedy Central called Important Things. It's most excellent. I politely urge you to join me in watching.

He did a quick sketch where he made a mnemonic device to remember the alphabet. I thought it would be fun to try. Maybe you'll attempt one as well...

About bears (crafty devils)... every fortnight, ghastly, horrible, invincible, jerk-killers love manslaughter. Never obstruct pressuring/questioning, rappers & sailors. They urge violence wherever Xavier yearns zucchini.


craig said...

I've been DVRing "Important Things" too. Very funny! Someone stole my parking spot as I was parallel parking just like in the show a day or two after I saw that sketch. I decided to just keep driving and leave the crowbar in the trunk.

Sallquist said...

Alpacas bleed chrome
devils eat foam gloam
Hank’s into Joan
Kandinsky’s lazy monotone
Nebraska’s outcast prone
quitters rarely show
triggers under Velcro
whiskey X-ray you’re zero

clizzarke said...

always be closing doors except for goodbye's/hello's.
I just keep looking, mostly no opportunities, perhaps questions remain? Sucks that unemployment varies with x-factors yammering zealously.

bshawise said...

justin! holy crap. that's legit stuff there.

steve, whiskey X-ray is SO zero. been thinking that for years.

do you guys want to start a slam poetry gang?

Clarke said...

yeah jcc i'm impressed.

Christopher Day said...

The Economy's Effect On Copier Sales:

"Another Blue Curacao!" demanded Ernest.

Frank graciously heads into Just Koz lounge, makes nine ounces.

Patrons quietly recount stocks tumbling. Ultimately vexing while Xerox yields zero.

"All because copiers don't exactly fair greatly. Happy individuals just Kinko." Larry moans.

"Not one person quits!" Russell states. They unanimously vow. "Without Xerox, you're zapped!"

bshawise said...

cdaisy, nice work, brother.