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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

God Gave Mat (Rock N' Roll) To You

I have this mate named Mat. I was thinking about how many hats he's worn over the years I've known him so I stared jotting them down. The guy is a true renaissance man. Meatloaf and Bette Midler's love child.

Mat has/is

Coached baseball. Directed a high school musical with his wife. Started a weekly music video show with roughly zero dollars and all volunteers. Produced countless video productions. Starred in a rap video. Sang in choirs. MC'd concerts. Starred and produced a feature-length documentary. An author for Abingdon Press. Snuck into the visitor's locker room at Citizen's Bank Park in Philly. Produced numerous youth conferences. A public speaker. A true grillmaster. Threw together an impromptu block party after our recent power outage from the hurricane. A published web-designer. A plumber of sorts. A carpenter of sorts. A seamstress of sorts. A car mechanic of sorts. A pretty decent photographer. A club rugby player. A pastor. A father/husband. A lover/fighter. A blogger. A strategist. A futurist. An entrepreneur. A number of things I'm forgetting. And now...

He's the frontman for Cincinnati's newest glam rock band TALON. Here's their debut performance. Skip ahead to the end rendition of God Gave Rock N' Roll To You.

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j steg said...

that drummer is hot