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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mad Beats

Totally buying one of these if they're affordable.


Christopher Day said...

I'm guessing the short one with glasses is affordable. But maybe you had your eye on the tall one. I'm looking on Craigslist for English nerds as we speak.

Clizzzarke said...

As you recently purchased some super-high technology, you should be hip to the fact that there is an App for everything...everything Bradley.

"Finally, my bedroom recreations of "Pocket Calculator" (nay, Taschenrechner) will be blessed with the added touch of reality they so obviously deserve: a Stylophone, the late-60s pantheon of touch-controlled synthesizers, is coming to the App Store in December for $6. Music geeks are really going all out on this platform, and I like it."

He's talking to you, music geek.

If you want the real thing...$25 bucks...http://gizmodo.com/5381470/video-25-stylophone-beatbox-makes-even-nerds-look-cool

bshawise said...

Chris, hilarious. let me know what you find.

Justin, we need joyce to get us two for Xmas this year. we'll be like kid and play. we'll take em to youngstown and blow your grandma's mind. and uncle bob can show us how to really jam.