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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nat'l Geographic: Lion

This lion is native to Northwest Ohio, specifically Fremont experts believe. He is nature's protector. He protects his bear friend from hearing all that poisonous rap music the kids are listening to. This wild lion is also married, loves Jesus and Timex. And he hates shirts. "They're itchy," he says. Those who have seen him run say he is like a gazelle. A ferociously sexy gazelle. Remain alert, however. He's still 100% lion.


Jon said...

well played with the "gazelle"

bww said...

Must agree, well played with the Gazelle, I was wondering how you would work that in. I wonder no more. Itchy shirts, ha.

Christopher Day said...

Hey, isn't that the Body by Jake guy?

No really, isn't Body by Jake the best name ever? I bet BBJ was totally pissed when Facebook stole his speak in third person shtick.