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Friday, October 16, 2009


I'm blogging from my phone this morning. I'm still in beta mode with this process so bear with me. But I wanted to say two very important things. 1. I went to the Grand Canyon once. 2. I'm tired of all the footballers wearing pink. I hate breast cancer and love its survivors as much as the next guy. But as a diabetic I feel cheated. Why can't my people and I have a color? Why can't OchoCinco's chinstrap, gloves, neoprene sleeves, bandaids and towel be lime green for a month in support of my/our survival? Is my slow march to death (caused by my quitter of a pancreas) not flashy enough to deserve a pigment- takeover? Tell that to the lil orphans in big orphanages pricking their fingers and poking needles into their tiny orphan arms. We diabetics don't live in a colorblind world, we live in a colorforgotten world. And that stings red hot.

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bww said...

my feet tingle each time I look at that picture. It's like that Lion King scene "Mufassa.....hooooo....say it again"

I would expect more than just lime green. Come on, wasn't Captain Diabetes yellow at UC?

Jon said...

What app are you using?

I remember a mascot called Captain Kidney...that's pretty close.

I heard Peter King saying that the pink is all well and good, but when are they going to wear grey to symbolize the clouding of the minds of former football players suffering through brain injuries. Or maybe green to symbolize the money that the retired players are NOT getting. There are Hall of Famers that only get $175 in pension per month.

Breast cancer is a serious thing, but it is a "sexy" cause. You (diabetes) and I (depression) suffer from not-as-sexy issues.

That being said, I'd much rather be depressed than have cancer.