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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Train of Thoughts

We're slowing to a stop in London, ON about two hours from Toronto. Ridin' dirty on this train brings back memories of Boston ten years ago. I lived in the Northend two blocks from P.Revere and his trusty steed. I used to walk to Haymarket station and take a series of trains 45 minutes out to Canton for work. I'd rock my Sony discman listening to Macy Gray, Mos Def, Rusted Root and Ben Folds. I'd get coffee at Dunkin Donuts with the same folks yet we never spoke. It was a commute with numerous steps and as I type I realize how much I miss it. I also realize how much has changed. I'm blogging on a device smaller than that discman. I'm playing my brother in chess (he's in Ohio), I'm reading about UC's football team (back then it would've been the basketball team when I got to work) I'm emailing an author I owe book cover to (Seeking forgiveness), and I'm doing all this next to my wife of five years. A lot has changed in ten years. Who knows what I'll be doing in 2019. Maybe riding trains to work with kids listening to Mos Def Jr. on their microscopic Internet machines.

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tyler said...

are you and breah ex-pats? see you in 20 dude. i can't believe i didn't even get a tweet about this.

Michael Joseph Sharp said...

Cool post.

Five years ago, I would be nursing a nasty hangover right about now. No kids in the House. Me and my just married (10/09/04) wife would most probably be fighting over something.

Now, the hangovers are fewer and farther between. My son and daughter have changed my life, my wife and I still fight, ... but much less often. And I have an incredible job that I never would have even thought of.