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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Modern Family

If you turkeys aren't crushing on Modern Family yet you need to send your DVR to deserving kids in Africa. In my opinion, Phil is the best character on the ole' picturesqueezebox since Buster from Arrested Development. I'd like to buy his writers a box of their favorite savory snacks. We'd laugh about current events and stuff Matt Lauer said. They'd see how I shared their brilliance and invite me to write with them. We'd win an award on a stage and they'd let me thank the academy. We'd then laugh about even currenter events WITH Matt Lauer in our posh, backstage dressing room full of awards and swag. I'd wear my new Rolex and tell people that my good friends the academy gave it to me. Young aspiring writers would bring me boxes of snacks and I'd tell them about Matt Lauer and how he can play the acoustic guitar surprisingly well if he gets enough bubbly in him.


Daniel Kalbach said...

You like Buster more than Gob?

bshawise said...

I do indeed. I chuckle out loud every time he says "Hey, brother."