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Saturday, April 10, 2010

How He Loves vid

Here's a video we created for Easter this year. It's a good example of how important good locations are. This attic room belongs to my friends down in Clifton Heights. I saw it a year ago and filed it away in the "someday we'll shoot a video here" folder in my brain matter. Isaac Stambaugh did an unbelievable job directing. A local artist, Collin Rowland, gave us most of the photos. Charlie Hines and Sarah Kelly led the band and the choir was led by the one and only, Hope Milthaler. It was a highly collaborative project. The good ones always are.


Daniel Kalbach said...

man, whoever that girl is, she has a killer voice.

Micah said...

I loved this, Brad. Great job to you and your team.

bww said...

That was bomb. Well done to all involved.