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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A true story

This is a true story about three people and a worship event this past Sunday evening.

One guy (the worship leader) was brushing his teeth when he felt like God told him there'd be 2-3 people at the event who were jobless, hopeless and consumed with worrying about how they were going to pay the bills this month. As he put the toothbrush away, he felt like God gave him an idea.

One woman felt like she was supposed to bring her friend to the event. She felt this every month for the past three months.

The friend woke up that morning feeling suicidal again. She was unable to work due to chronic pain and felt hopeless and unsure that even God cared anymore. She agreed to come to the event, but prayed (told) God that morning she needed him to "show up in a big way" for her to keep believing in him.

Part way thru the worship event the guy addressed the crowd. He said he felt like there were 2-3 people who were jobless, hopeless and consumed with worry. He asked them to stand up to receive prayer. Immediately, the friend stood up. For a minute she was the only one. The guy still felt like there were two more and soon two more stood. He said, "We're going to pray for you. But first, I want everyone around these three women to give them all the cash in your wallets." The crowd was stunned. They sat there motionless. He said, "I'm serious. Do it."

People looked around at their husbands, wives, friends deciding what to do. Soon, one by one, people stood all over the auditorium and brought the three women their cash. The friend began to sob. She stood there as her hands filled with cash and her sob turned into a wail. It filled the room. She started to collapse to her seat and a woman standing beside her held her up as more and more people brought her money. The second woman who was jobless, hopeless and consumed with worry, turned around and placed her new cash in the first one's shaking hands. She collapsed to her seat, overwhelmed by answered prayer. Everyone in the crowd, the band, the guy, literally everyone had tears streaming down their face. We too were overwhelmed.

One guy felt like he heard from God. Clearly he did.

One woman felt like her friend needed to connect with God. Clearly she did.

One friend needed to really know God still cared. Clearly he does.

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SuzieBee said...

lovely!! that's what i get for going out of town. so sorry i missed this awesome demonstration of God's power and grace, but thanks for sharing the story. simply beautiful!!