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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Haters Gonna Hate

This post is for all the haters.

Monday I went and saw my friend, Kim.

She owns Kim Harper Salon & Spa in Mason.

This place is fancy. They give you teas and coffees and magazines and robes while you wait for your hair to change colors. I didn’t partake of that. I was whisked into a room where they shampoo your hair for you. Wow. Someday, when I’m a Persian Prince I’m going to employ a hair washer. It’s so much better than washing your own.

After this, Kim cut my hair. She told me something that I want all you haters to hear. She said it’s a crime that I shaved my head all those years. She said I have great hair. She said I could be a Persian Prince. (not really. and I’m not sure where this prince stuff is coming from. maybe ‘cause Kim’s salon made me feel so royally fancy.)

Here’s me before the hair cut.

Here’s me a few days after getting it cut:

My friend Donna said I look less like a bobble head now. Thanks? Obviously I still look like a fuzzy bowling ball. Nothing’ll change that. My looks aren’t the real the point of this post. The real point is how great Kim is. She’s full of positive spunk that leaves you feeling like a million dollhairs. (wordplay!)

If you have hair go to her salon. She and her crew will make you feel special. And smell nice.


jmjana said...

and tempal at her salon is the bomb. literally drive from columbus to go to her...and i already have 3 times :)

Jon said...

You kind of look like someone that would play Julius Caesar in a movie.

Christopher Day said...

You kind of look like someone that would play Julius Erving in a movie.


Christopher Day said...

Okay, that was a joke. I actually like the locks. I'm not a hater.

And I will agree that having your hair washed by someone else is off-the-charts amazing. Don't tell anyone but I give my stylist a big kiss on the lips after. For reals.

bshawise said...

back when i sat the bench on the jv basketball team people would always say, "how come coach doesn't put you in more, dr. julius?" and i'd say, "beats me, mom."