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Friday, September 10, 2010

Kingdom Wonderment

This post is about wonderment. I know you're expecting some amazing video. But I'm sorry. I'm gonna wax nostalgic for a hot minute.

I have foggy clear memories of walking some Florida beach at sunrise with my dad. I was just a little pup and still easily convinced to wake up early. We'd search for shells while that warm, yellow sun burped up out of that vast sea of, well....sea. All those shells scattered about, carried in from who knows where during the night. It made you think. There was a whole different world out there under that wave machine. I couldn't see it, really. But the colorful little bits I picked up and showed my dad was proof. There was most definitely something remarkable, something big, something mysterious out there.

This morning, I was reading this version of the Bible. Jesus (arrested), said this to Pilate.

"My kingdom isn't a geographical area, with counties and borders. If it were, my people would start a war rather than see me turned in so easily. No, my kingdom is totally other."

These words give me that same sense of wonderment I had as a tiny shell hunter. There's something out there. Something "totally other." It's an upside-down kingdom that I can't see entirely. But there are hints. Colorful bits. Proof that makes me want to wake up early and go looking for it.

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The Word Weaver said...

It gives me happy shudders to think I am a part of the kingdom that would start a war on behalf of Jesus. Thank you for the thought.